Titanium Posts -­ All our post earrings are Hypoallergenic through our use of Titanium posts. Titanium is used because trace amounts of nickel have been found in surgical stainless steel.

For our crystallized items, each cavity is hand drilled to allow each stones of different size to sit perfectly. This ensures that the stones stay on its position without falling off over time. Inferior products are commonly identified by having gaps and holes between each stones and setting. In fact, the stone merely “sits” on top of its setting, causing it to fall off over time.

All our jewellery undergo stringent process and testing to be labelled as Lead and Nickel free. Making it a safe and allergy-free product.All our products are Electro Flash plated with three mils (0.075 micron) of Gold or one mil (0.025 micron) of pure
Rhodium plating that is nickel free in accordance with international standards. This process is done by a fully computerized plating system in order to obtain a standardized finish of the highest quality.

Regular Ultrasonic cleaning between each batch of plating is carried out to ensure the plating solution is pure and clean. Our fully automated plating system also ensures that production at this stage can be carried out on a 24 hour basis. Different carats of gold can be plated to specifications such as 18K, 22K & 24K.

Pure Rhodium -­ The same material that is used to plate Gold products to give that brilliant whiteness as well as to prevent tarnishing.

Silver -­ We can plate Silver with E-­coating to prevent from tarnishing as Silver is known to tarnished after prolonged exposure to air.

Other types of plating available :
Dark Silver

Gold (22K)
White Gold (18K)


Matt Rhodium

We confidently assure our customers that nickel is not used in the production of our jewellery unless specifically requested.The Paris Bijoux brand has been a reputable brand till date. Our International team continues to strengthen and expand through franchising and licensing around the world. We have set an exceptional standard in the jewellery industry. We uphold the values of quality, honesty and professionalism. We are now in the below countries.

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