Maintenance instructions

How to maintain paris bijoux jewelry?

1. Remove when bathing, fitness, swimming, sleeping, spraying perfume, hair gel, cosmetics (such as hand cream, sunscreen, skin care products, etc.).

2. Avoid direct contact with chemicals such as perfume, soap, hair spray, camphor ball, detergent, etc.

3. Do not use ultrasonic cleaner or any jewelry cleaner containing alcohol or sold on the market to clean.

4. Store in the original independent package or soft flannel bag as far as possible. Don’t overlap other ornaments to avoid colliding with each other and rubbing the crystal surface (avoid long-term exposure to humid air or strong light).

5. After wearing, wipe the used products with clean and soft dry cloth to maintain the luster and durability of the products.

6. Wear jewelry frequently and try not to wear the same crystal jewelry for a long time.

Alternate wearing can prolong the service life of the crystal. Small crystals will fall off and repair/guarantee caused by non-quality problems.

The quality problem caused by the maintenance/warranty

(a) natural wear and tear or old

(b) improper safekeeping;

(c) storage under abnormal conditions and exposure to humid environment;

(d) damage caused by physical or liquid splashing;

(e) customer’s own fault or the fault of the third party;

(f) modification, removal or repair without paris bijoux’s approval;

(g) not the crystal part of defects

paris bijoux will charge a small fee for defects in non-crystal parts according to the actual situation.